A Summer of Meals

A Summer of Meals

 Dinner & Dessert 

A Summer of Meals

By Meera Kattapuram; Edited by Christina Picornell

Warm weather has finally arrived in Ithaca, which means summer is almost upon us! This summer, I will be staying in Ithaca. I’m so excited to embrace the outdoors, rather than hurriedly crossing campus swaddled in a parka and boots with only a strip of my face exposed. I am even more excited for the opportunity to live in an apartment, have my own kitchen, and cook all my meals. For months now, I’ve been bookmarking links to brainstorm ideas for summer dinners. Here are a few things on my summer food bucket list! What’s on yours?

  1. My first instinct was to turn to those addicting and fast-paced Tasty videos we so often watch over peoples’ shoulders in lectures. My picks to try first are: the Chicken Fajita salad, Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa, Thai Style Larb Lettuce Cups and the Spicy Tomato Coconut Chicken. Full of flavor and fresh produce including tart lemon, creamy avocado, and wholesome proteins, I can’t wait to try these recipes out on balmy summer evenings.
  1. The second go-to for mouthwatering and easy recipes would have to be the ubiquitous Buzzfeed. My friend recently sent me the link for “31 Asian Noodle Dishes That’ll Make You Quit Takeout Forever”. The goal is to try as many as possible but numbers 5, 8 and 25 look particularly amazing!!

Other summer suggestions:

Picnic on Libe Slope, Plantations, or Stewart Park during sunset. You can throw together a simple summer dinner incorporating crackers, cheese, fresh fruit, and pasta salad or roasted veggies and grilled meat.

Check out the Ithaca Farmer’s Market and stock up on fresh produce to work into new recipes for the following week.

Finally, when you’re too tired to meal prep, try out a new Ithaca restaurant!


Happy Almost Summer! :)