Taste of Culture

Taste of Culture

 Dinner & Dessert 

Taste of Culture

By Elizabeth Villedrouin; Edited by Gaby Haam


Elizabeth - 4.13 (10)

Anyone who reads my recipe segment, Cultural Replications, knows that I love finding new foods to try from different countries. And anyone who has had a conversation about food with me knows that I LOVE desserts. So when I saw a Facebook event about a food festival in Willard Straight Hall called Taste of Culture, where one can sample desserts from different countries, I nearly fell to the floor in excitement. I hardly even read the description of the event. My brain somehow enlarged the words “free desserts” and “cultures” and I immediately clicked “Going.”

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The event wasn’t very packed. So I initially thought “YES! No long lines for the food” but it’s unfortunate that not a ton of people could try these amazing desserts and expand their gastronomic horizons!

Taste of culture was co-hosted by Translator-Interpreter Program (TIP) and the Language Pairing Program (LPP) of Cornell’s Public Service Center (PSC) and the desserts were provided by numerous cultural student organizations, some of which I had never heard of before!


Ok, now onto the food. Everything was DELICIOUS. Some of the desserts weren’t even sweet, like the Murukku from the Hindu Student Council. Here’s what was served:

Elizabeth - 4.13 (3)

Various Mexican candy, served by MEChA (I tried de la Rosa!):

Elizabeth - 4.13 (4)

Mochi, served by the Japan-United States Association (I tried the red bean flavor!):

Elizabeth - 4.13 (5)

Chinsuko, served by Okinawa Club of Cornell (I tried the brown sugar flavor!):

Elizabeth - 4.13 (6)

Dulce de Guayaba with cream cheese and crackers, served by the Cuban American Student Association (my personal favorite—it felt like I was back home in South Florida):

Elizabeth 4.13 (7)

Russian chocolate wafers, served by the Russia-U.S. Connection Club:

Elizabeth - 4.14 (8)

Cookies from various countries, including France, Japan, and Ireland, served by Cornell Abroad (my favorite was the cookie from France, the second from the left):

Elizabeth - 4.13 (9)

Each station also had signs translating “Hi. May I try this dish? Thank you” in the organization’s respective language!

It’s great to learn new things outside of Cornell’s lecture halls. Taste of Culture introduces you to new cuisine (and perhaps indulge in favorites from your own culture), diverse people, and great student organizations. This event occurs every semester so I highly encourage all of you to attend the next one!


Elizabeth - 4.13
*All featured pictures by Elizabeth Villedrouin